Station Ideas

Between classroom projects and these station modules, we are able to target a wide-range of concepts and spark student interest in these areas. 

 Check back soon ... more ideas and projects will be added during the 2019-2020 school year! 

Topics & Concepts

  • Robotics - Students experiment with BeeBots to learn simple programming and then challenge classmates to design a maze that must be completed.  We also have Cubelets that are popular with the older students. We are currently hoping to get some Ozobots and Sphero robots to add to the program.

  • Snap Circuits - Always a hit with the kids when they have a chance to experiment!  We have organized the Snap Circuits into modules using the ready-to-use kits (Snap Rover, FM Radio, Flying Saucer, Light & Sound), but also split the larger kits into smaller modules with different tasks to complete, such as simple circuits , motors and generators, conductors and insulators, and other basic electricity challenges.  Check out the lessons and resources at, University of Colorado, and the SNAP Circuit teacher's guide for ideas!

  • Engineering - We have set up modules/kits using Legos, K-Nex, and other building-style kits.  We also have several marble mazes (wooden and plastic), a large domino set, and gear sets to challenge the students design abilities. 

  • Arts - We have a module that provides science and math related coloring pages (tessellations, geometric, etc.) with an assortment of gel pens and markers.  Students also like the paper folding or snowflake cutting activities in other modules.

  • Technology - Coding is always a good activity for middle school students especially when they are able to work together to complete tasks or create new programs.  We have used the SCRATCH coding books available through Amazon to introduce coding.  We also do the Hour of Code program each December and utilize their site throughout the year.

  • Other ideas


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