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Project & Activity Ideas:  

  • Junk Box Wars - Head over to this area to find 12 projects you can use to challenge your students! 

    • Each project is developed around a box of "junk" and a specific task to target engineering design concepts!   Many of the projects also incorporate other science concepts to extend the lesson or target a specific unit.

    • Visit the Junk Box Wars page for a complete listing of project ideas as well as resources to help you manage an event.

    • Recommendation ...One of our students' favorite projects is Super Slingers. We try to schedule this event in the fall and use pumpkin peeps or we do it in the spring and used bunny peeps. You can also do it during the winter and use large marshmallows as snowballs.

  • STEAM Mini Challenges - Take a look at the projects I've developed for my STEAM class.

    • Each unit targets two or more STEAM areas with introductory activities, videos, and extension ideas. 

    • Units can usually be done in 1-2 class periods and be extended to a week with the extension activities.

More ideas from past Science Club events, projects, & activities ...

  • Egg Drop - Always remembered as one of the favorite activities my former students!

    • Students are required to create a container that will prevent an egg from breaking. Some years we do the regular Eggs Over Easy event with a "bundled" egg in a container, while others we offer the Naked Egg Drop version with a raw egg that has to land in a container. We've also challenged students to protect two eggs in a Double Eggs Drop Challenge competition.  

    • Click the links to see the options: Eggs Over Easy (pdf), Naked Egg Drop (pdf), &  Double Egg Drop Challenge (pdf).

  •  Learning with GPS

    • Visit this area for more information about the Amazing GPS Race and Earth Quest events.  Lessons are focused  on learning how to use GPS receivers to find caches and complete challenges to earn their next clue to continue the journey.

    • With the availablity of GPS apps on student phones, introduce your students to geocaching and set up some travel bugs to track.  We received permission to put a geocache in our school garden, which has gotten quite a few visitors over the years.

    • We have also used the apps to document schoolyard locations and to find stations at a local nature preserve for a scavenger hunt.  These lessons are on the Learning with GPS page.

  • The Big Freeze - Students create a container that keep an ice cube solid for the longest time! See the The Big Freeze (pdf) handout for more information.

  • Science Classroom - Incorporate the lessons and activities in this area to target STEAM concepts in your science program. 

  • - Participate in their annual Hour of Code program!  Scratch is one of my students' favorite sites.  Amazon has some excellent "Coding with Scratch" resources from DK Coding.


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