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  • Makerspaces Ideas - Provides overviews of different makerspaces with links to the products/materials used.

  • Northeastern University Center for STEM Education - List of activities that can be used in any program, such as earthquake shake table, turbines, paper rockets, and more!

  • Playdoh to Plato - Browse their 40 ideas for STEM activities that use a lot of materials you may have available!

  • Scholastic STEAM Station Starters - Explore this site to get great ideas for your stations and activities! 

  • STEM Activities Handbook - Download this free PDF with several unique ideas for STEM-related projects; includes project directions and a lot of pictures of completed projects.

  • STEM Station Idea (We Are Teachers) - Provides stations that are easy to set up and use!  I bet you'll think of other ideas as you review the ones they provide.

  • STEM Family Night - Great resource to start your own STEM night!  Challenge your students to help you in setting up the stations or activities to challenge their parents and other family members.


Check back soon ... more resources will be added during the 2019-2020 school year! 

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