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My Favorite Sites

  • Science Teaching Ideas - Safety - Explore this area for great resources to teach safety.
  • Biology Corner - Scroll down the page to find several worksheets for the scientific method, such as Controls and Variables, Pendulum Experiment, and Scientific Method Applied.

Other Links

Bubble Town - A great site to learn more about bubbles, blowing techniques, and recipes! Challenge your students to use the scientific method to determine the best bubble recipe or the best blowing method!

CIESE Collaborative Projects - Join a project and challenge your students to apply their knowledge of the scientific method and data collection!

Designing Experiments - Explore this unit for great ideas to help your students understand the process of scientific inquiry.

Find Out Why - Browse the listing of family activities to find experiment ideas for your students!

JollyTime - Click the link for Popcorn Science and learn how to explore the scientific method with the lessons provided at this website!

Nature of Science Lesson Ideas - This page offers a variety of lesson ideas to explore scientific inquiry.

Proteacher - General Science - An assortment of general science lesson plans and links for elementary teachers. Also visit the Invention/Technology section.

Qualitative & Quantitative Data - A great lesson exploring different types of data and methods for analysis.
Want more data ideas? Visit the Exploring Data page of the website.

ReachOut Michigan - Browse the alphabetical list of lessons for great ideas! Also check out the Quick Experiments section for more engaging ideas!

Science Fair Song - Check out this song to get your students interested in a science fair!

Science Olympics - An assortment of activities to challenge your students!

Teaching Ideas - Visit this page for a listing of all the science activities available at this site.


Science Fair Resources - Science Fair Ideas - Download this activity book filled with tons of ideas for science fair projects as well as links to online resources for Science Fairs.

Internet4Teachers - Science Fair -This page provides a collection of links to online resources for Science Fair sponsors.

Science Fair Central - A great site from Discovery School to help you and your students survive a science fair!

Super Science Fair Projects - Science fair projects, topics, experiments, ideas, and more!!!! The site also provides step-by-step, how-to-do science fair projects tips, such as how to choose project, 6-steps of the Scientific Method, how to write a project report and abstract, how to make a display board, how to give a presentation, what to do at the science fair, teachers and parents resource pages.

Also visit the Science Resource page of the Reference Desk!

Be sure to visit for a wealth of resources!

Check out "wearable" science projects at!

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