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Explore & Learn

AMNH Ology

Discovery Kids

National Geographic

CA Academy

How Stuff Works

UEN Science Interactives
NASA Kids Club

Science Bob
Understanding Science

DK Find Out
PHET Interactive
Physics Classroom
Science For Kids

Science Buddies


Science Fair Sites

Science Fair Central

Dragonfly TV Science Fair

Super Science Fair Projects

Battery Kids 


Also check out the
STEAM connections
app at

Science Videos

SciShow Kids
Crash Course
Mystery Doug
Science Max

Sick Science
Minute Physics

Minute Earth
ASAP Science

JLab Videos

The Kid Should See This


Science News


Sci News for Students

Science Alert

Newsela Science
CNN10 Students


Math & Science Careers

Cool Science Careers

Environmental Science Careers

Measurement Resources

VL: The Metric System

AAAMath - Measurements

How Do You Measure Up

Cyberchase - Measurement

NIST Measurement League

Candy Shop - Mass/Volume


Conversion Tools

WorldWide Metric Conversions

Science Made Simple Conversions


Online Activities

Making Measurements

QUIA: Metric Mania

QUIA: Metric Measurement

Taking America's Measure




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