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General Sites

Middle School Chemistry

Adventures in Chemistry


iheartscience Chem Videos

ASC Reactions

PHET Chemistry


Matter & Classification

VST Matter Interactive

VST Build An Atom

All About Atoms

Atomic Challenge

Chem Time Clock

Matter Review

Identify the Molecules

Chemical Bonds

Ionic & Covalent Bonds

Chemical Bond Quiz


Chemical Equations

Chemical Equations

Classic ChemBalancer

It's Elemental Balancing Act

Review ChemBalancer

Brain Boggle ChemBalancer

Balancing Equations Tutorial


Acids & Bases

Chem4Kids - Acids & Bases

Virtual Labs pH

Quia pH Scale

Quia Acids, Bases, & pH

BioNetwork pH

Periodic Tables

It's Elemental Table

PBS Periodic Table

ACS Periodic Table


Los Alamos Periodic Table

Periodic Table Videos


PTable Challenges

VST Periodic Table 1

VST Periodic Table 2

VST Periodic Table Game

BrainPop Sortify

Mrs. T's Elemental Quiz

FBL - Element Quiz

Mystery Element (Basic)

Mystery Element (Advanced)

Chem Time Clock

Science Geek Energy Levels

Khan Academy Periodic Table




Listen to ...

Meet the Elements Song

Song of the Elements

Periodic Table: Elemental Funkiness 


PBS Kaboom

Anatomy of a Firework

Pyrotechnics - It's Elemental

Chemistry of Color

NOVA Making Color

NOVA Lifting Charge


Everyday Chemistry

Chem Life Hacks Vol 1

Chem Life Hacks Vol 2

Baking Soda Hacks

How to Cookie w/ Science

Cheeseburger Chem

Scientific Snack Links

Secret Science of Stuff

Cookie Science

Popcorn Science

Soda Science

Candy Canes

Bubble Gum

Beef Jerky

Gatorade Science

Gummy Candy & Licorice  



Chemistry Games

VST Chemistry Games

JLab Games & Puzzles

Quia Common Chemicals

Mrs. T's Chem Challenge

Syvum Chemistry Games

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