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BBC Compounds/Mixtures
Separating Mixtures Lab
Physical & Chemical Changes

Everyday Chemistry
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Kitchen Chemistry
ASC Reactions
Secret Science of Stuff
Cheeseburger Chemistry Everyday Chem
How to Cookie with Science
Strange Matter

Chemical Bonds & Equations
Chemical Bond Quiz
Drag & Drop Chemical Formulas*
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Chemical Equations
Classic ChemBalancer
It's Elemental - Balancing Act
Review ChemBalancer
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Balancing Equations Tutorial
Creative Chemistry Balancing Equations

Go React

Plastics 101
Hstory of Plastic (Plastipedia)
Plastics Timeline
HandsOn Plastics
Plastics Make It Possible
Kids' Macrogalleria
Polymer Flash Activities
Nobel Plastics & Polymers
Nobel Heating Plastics Game

PBS Kaboom
Name That Shell
Anatomy of a Firework
NOVA Making Color
NOVA Lifting Charge
  Pyrotechnics - It's Elemental
Fireworks University
Fireworks Gallery
Fireworks 101
Science of Fire
Chem of the Week - Fireworks
DIY Fireworks Show
I Didn't Know That - Fireworks
The Science of Fireworks
Spangler Science - Fireworks

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Vocabulary Resources
Quizlet - Chem Interactions
Study Stack - Chem Basics

Acids & Bases
Acids & Bases Lab

Glencoe pH Lab
Alien Juice Bar (pH)
The pH Factor
BrainPop pH Scale Lab
BrainPop Acidifying Salsa
Chemist - Acids & Bases
Chem4Kids - Acids & Bases
Acids, Bases, & Salts Game
ZOOM Kitchen Chemistry
Quia pH Scale
Quia Acids, Bases, & pH

Chemistry Challenges

JLab Games & Puzzles
Mrs. T's Chemistry Challenge
Syvum Chemistry Games
Oil Strike Game
The Particle Adventure

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