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The Junior High Science Club was organized to provide year round opportunities for students to explore science. Our science club consists of members in 6th through 8th grade - gifted to special education! Each month my partner, Cheryl McDaniel, and I organize an activity orproject related to science. At the end of each year, all members who have participated in at least half of the events an invited to join us for a field trip to St. Louis.

For more information about our program and tips to help you develop your own, visit the
Science Club Information page.

Check it out ... PBS Kids Design Station - Check out their Parents & Educators area for project ideas you can use with your Science Club!

Club Projects

Junk Box Wars
Challenge your students to one of these projects using a box of "junk"! Visit the Junk Box Wars page for a complete listing of project ideas as well as resources to help you manage an event. One of our students' favorite projects is Super Slingers. We try to schedule this event in the fall and use pumpkin peeps or we do it in the spring and used bunny peeps. You can also do it during the winter and use large marshmallows as snowballs.

Egg Drop
Students are required to create a container that will prevent an egg from breaking. Some years we do the regular Eggs Over Easy event, while others we offer the Naked Egg Drop version. We've also challenged students to protect two eggs in a Double Eggs Drop Challenge competition.

Eggs Over Easy (pdf) - Students create a container that will protect a raw egg during its fall from the top of the bleachers!
Naked Egg Drop (pdf) - Students create a container that will protect a raw egg on its journey from the top of a ladder!
Double Egg Drop Challenge (pdf) - Students create a container that will protect two raw eggs during its fall from the top of the bleachers!
Mail-An-Egg Challenge (pdf) - Students use limited materials to create a container that will protect a raw egg on its journey to a partner school. 

Bubblegum Blowout
Students learned about bubble gum and tried their hand at making some gum of their own. They also did several experiments related to gum and competed in a bubble blowing contest. We purchased our bubble gum kits from the Steve Spangler website. I'd recommend at least 1 kit for every 12 students. You'll need a good assortment of bubblegum for the experiments and enough gum for 3 pieces per student.

Bubblegum Trivia Page -Includes an answer key
Bubblegum Blowout Worksheet
Bubblegum Basics PowerPoint

Geocaching - Amazing GPS Race and Earth Quest
Visit the Learning with GPS page for more information about these two events.  Students learn how to use GPS receivers to find caches and complete challenges to earn their next clue to continue the journey. The GPS activities are always a bit hit with the kids! 

Science Olympiad
Fifteen students are selected to compete in the annual Science Olympiad held at a local university. For more information regarding Science Olympiad, check out the National Science Olympiad site.

Raft Rally
Students create a "boat" from a piece of aluminum foil and then test them to see which ones will hold the most pennies. See the Raft Rally (pdf) page for more information.

Drop Zone
Students create a parachute to deliver a paperclip to a "secret" location. See the
Drop Zone (pdf) handout for more information.

The Big Freeze
Students create a container that keep an ice cube solid for the longest time! See the The Big Freeze (pdf) handout for more information.

Other Project Ideas - Visit these sites for ideas to challenge your students...
Cool Science Club Projects
Science Club Monthly Experiments

Need Science Fair Ideas? Check out Science Fair Central from Discovery or browse the project list of links for students on the General Science links page of the Kid Zone!

Each year the members of the HJHS Science Club volunteer their time to help with the Havana Nature Center as well as community clean-up projects! Visit the Nature Center page to see how your club can make a contribution to the environment!

Visit the Science Club Information page for details on organizing your own club! 


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