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Earth's History

Layer by Layer (Stratigraphy)

UCMP Life Has A History

UCMP Web Time Machine

UCMP Fossil Record

AMNH Paleontology

Relative Dating

Rock Layer Video

Interactive Rock Layers


Geologic Time Challenges

Geochronological Units

Geologic Periods Game

Geologic Time Scale Game

Layers of Time

Radioactive Dating Game

Relative Dating Lab #1

Relative Dating Lab #2



Weather Channel Kids

NWS Jet Stream

Weather Stats

Weather Wiz Kids

Natural Disaster Safety

Weather Map Symbols

National Hurricane Center

Fujita Scale

Interactive Tornado

Lightning Safety

Snow Crystals

Make A Snowflake

Stanford Solar Center

EPA UV Index

Plate Tectonics

USGS Dynamic Earth

Khan Academy: Plate Tectonics

Ancient Earth Map

Dive & Discover



Savage Earth

USGS Earthquake Center

Earthquakes 101 Video



USGS/Smithsonian Volcanoes

Volcano World

USGS Volcano Center

USGS Volcano Glossary

Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius

Virtual Cave - Lava Tubes

National Geographic Volcanoes

Soil Science

Science of Sand

Soiled Again! Mystery

Also check out
PHET Earth Science

Rocks & Minerals


State Symbols: Geology

Rock & Mineral Uses

Mineral Groups

Mineral Properties

Illinois Rocks & Minerals

Rock Hounds

Study Jams Geology


Rock Cycle

Interactive Rock Cycle

Study Jam Rock Cycle

Rocky's Journey


Mineral Identification

Mineral Gallery

MII Mineral Database

Mineral ID App

Web Mineral


Mineral Test Videos

Mohs Scale of Hardness

Streak Test
Cleavage vs. Fracture

Overflow Can

Triple-Beam Balance

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