Forensic Science Links
Note:  Some sites listed on this page may include images or information that may be too graphic for younger children. Always preview the sites before you use them for a lesson or activity.

General Information
HSW - Crime Scenes
HSW - Forensic Science
PBS: Forensics
FBI History
Modern Marvels - FBI

Inside the Crime Lab

Famous Court Cases
Digital History - Court Cases
Landmark Cases
Crime & Punishment -
You Be The Judge


Note:  The CSI WebAdventures website as well as all the other Flash-based activities are no longer available .   I will continue to add great resources to this page as I find the.


General Evidence Links
Mark-Forensics Evidence

Trace Evidence
Locard 's Principle
Forensics Simplified


Mysteries & More
Virtual Museum - Detective
Virtual Crime Scene
QUIA: Crime Scene Basics
Ultimate Flash Faces (App)
CSI WebAdventures Activities
Mark-Forensics Games

Crime Time
Adler Foods Mystery


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Special Topics
Fingerprint ID
FBI Fiber Analysis
FBI Hair Analysis
Blood Basics
Bloodstain Analysis
EDP - Blood Spatter Basics
Xplorlabs Arson
HSW - DNA Evidence
DNA Basics
DNA Extraction
DNA Evidence

Create a DNA Fingerprint

Crime Scene Creatures
Forensics Entomology
Forensic Anthropology
Written in Bone
Anthropologists & Crime Solving
Careers: Forensic Anthropologist
Written in Bone:  Forensic Tools Video
Smithsonian: Reading the Remains


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