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General Resources
Eclipse 101 (NASA)

2017 Solar Eclipse Map

Time & Date Eclipse Info
Eclipse Calculator

Online Activities
Total Solar Eclipse Animation
Eclipse Interactive
Explore Learning Gizmos*

NatGeo Eclipse Quiz
CNN Eclipse Quiz
BrainPop Eclipse Quiz
Fun Trivia Eclipse Facts & Myths

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NASA Jets Follow Eclipse

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EDPuzzle Videos*
NASA Eclipse Tutorial

Launchpad Eclipse
Physics Girl Eclipses

TedEd Eclipse
5 Tips for Viewing Safety

More Videos (Grade Levels)
BrainPOP Eclipse (2-8)

Space Place Eclipses Video (2-6)
Flocabulary Eclipses (4-8)
TedEd Eclipse (4-8)
Eclipse FAQs (5-12)
SciShow Eclipse (7-12)

Crash Course Eclipse (7-12)

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Viewing Safety
Eclipse Viewing Safety
Consumer Reports Viewing Safety
How to Photograph An Eclipse

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Make a Pinhole Projector


  • Only use ISO certified glasses to look at the sun.

  • Never look directly at the sun, but especially during an eclipse (even with sunglasses).

  • Do not use cameras, binoculars, or a telescope unless you have the proper filters!

  • Go to NASA Eclipse Safety for more details! 

Waiting for the eclipse? 
Building a Solar System


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