Earth Science Links
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Earth's History
Layer by Layer

UCMP Life Has A History
UCMP Web Time Machine
UCMP Fossil Record
Earth Floor: Geologic Time
AMNH Paleontology: The Big Dig
BGS Timeline

Online Activities

Geochronological Units Game
Geologic Periods Game
Geologic Time Scale Game
Relative Dating
Glencoe Dig Site
Rock Layer Video
Interactive Rock Layers

Layers of Time
PHET Radioactive Dating Game
Relative Dating Lab #1
Relative Dating Lab #2

Dinosaur Fossils
ZOOM Dinosaurs
Dino Explorer
BBC Walking With Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Floor
Dino Facts & Figures
Dinosaur Illustrations

Rocks & Minerals
State Symbols: Geology
Mineral Uses
Mineral Groups
Mineral Properties
USGS Minerals @ Home

Illinois Rocks & Minerals
Minerals in Fireworks
Rock Hounds
Rock Box Interactive
BBC Rock Experiments
Study Jams Geology


Mineral Identification
Mineral Gallery
MII Mineral Database
Mineral ID App
Web Mineral
Mineral ID Challenge


Mineral ID  Tutorials
Mohs Scale of Hardness
Streak Test

Cleavage vs. Fracture
Overflow Can 
Triple-Beam Balance

Rock Cycle Rock Cycle
PH Rock Cycle
Study Jam Rock Cycle
Rocky's Journey
Rock Cycle Challenge
Rock Cycle
Interactive Rock Cycle

Soil Science
Science of Sand
USGS Soil Science

Sea Friends Soil & Erosion
Soil Communities
Soiled Again! Mystery

Also take time to view the
 Earth Science
Picture of the Day

Plate Tectonics
UKY Tectonics
AMNH Plates Interactive
Try It: Plate Tectonics
Dynamic Earth
Understanding Plate Motions
ZOOM Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonic Quiz

Earth Floor

Earthquakes & Volcanoes
Shake, Rattle, & Roll
Savage EarthEarthquakes for Kids (USGS)
Earthquake Animations
USGS Earthquake Center
Virtual Earthquake
Earthquake Triangulation
 Earthquakes 101 Video
Volcano World
Roots of a Volcano - Anatomy
Volcanic Hazards
USGS Volcano Center
Volcano Glossary
Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius
Virtual Cave - Lava Tubes
 Volcanoes 101 Video


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