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Project Checklist
Use this checklist to help your organize your Junk Box Wars event and make it a big success!

Think About It! Planning Page
Use this worksheet for a great start for any Junk Box Wars project!  Allow time at the beginning of the project for your students to brainstorm and develop ideas for their project.

Wrapping It Up! Page
Use this worksheet after you have completed the event to give your students a chance to evaluate their efforts and relate the project to the world around them.

Project Rubric
Use this rubric to evaluate your students' projects and provide feedback to them on their efforts.

Other Materials:

Award Certificates - Print these certificates to reward the best projects at your event!

Junk Box Wars labels - Use these ready-to-print labels to decorate your junk boxes.

Junk Box Stationery - Use these blank pages with the Junk Box Wars logo to create announcements, sign-up sheets, or signs.

Have questions?  Visit the Junk Box Wars Frequently Asked Questions page to find the answers you need!

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