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Other Links: - Simple & Complex Machines (pdf) - Download this activity book for ideas for your simple machine unit. The lessons are geared for grades 2-5, but some may be modified for older students.

Energy Lesson Plans - Alliance to Save Energy - Download hands-on lesson plans used in the Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools project - a unique collaborative effort by teachers, administrators, and maintenance staff which reduces school energy costs at the same time it educates students.

Fear of Physics - A great resource to learn more about a variety of common physics concepts! Use the "Make a Quiz" option to create your own quizzes to challenge your students as they surf the website.

K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook - Explore the lesson plans page to find new lessons for forces and motion to challenge your students!

Magnets - Browse this site for a large collection of cool experiments with magnets

Math-Science Learning Coalition - Physical Science Lessons - This site offers a wide range of physical science lessons for elementary, middle school, and high school. - Teacher Resources - Explore the resources available on this website for physical science as well as other science concepts. Scroll down the page to find many ready-to-use worksheets and lab ideas for electricity, flight, optics, fluids, motion, simple machines, and more. - Learn how to put "energy into education" with the ideas available at this site!

Peggy Schweiger's Lessons & Projects - Make a visit to this site for several great project ideas for your physics classroom!

Physics & Astronomy Lesson Plans - Scroll down this page for a large list of lesson plans and activities for astronomy. Grade levels are provided for each lesson!

Proteacher - Physical Science - An assortment of physical science lesson plans and links for elementary teachers.

SMILE Program Physics Index - A huge assortment of almost 200 single concept lesson plans and activities organized by category.

Teacher's Domain - Physical Science - This is an excellent site for multimedia resources for your physical science curriculum!  Resources for engineering are also available!

ThomasNet Simple Machines Guide - Visit this webpage for a listing of links to online activities and resources for simple machines.


Be sure to visit for a wealth of resources!

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