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My Favorite Sites:

  • Biology Corner Lesson Plans - Visit this site for lessons related to cell biology and genetics as well as other great ideas.

  • DNA Interactive - Click the link for the myDNAi and register (it's free) for access to lesson plans and multimedia resources for your genetic unit, such as an origami DNA model and a DNAi Timeline scavenger hunt - all with teacher information and student worksheets!

More Resources:

Access Excellence Collection - This site offers a wide range of lessons and activities as well as a graphics gallery. - Where'd you get those genes? (pdf) - Download this activity book to browse the lessons ideas for your genetics unit! The site also offers a From Genes to Jeans (pdf) activity book to explore genetic research.

Discovery Education Genetics - An assortment of lessons and resources for your genetics unit.

Genetics - DNA Jewelry - Find out how to use beads and wire to make key rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces for a hands-on activity/lab that helps students construct a model of DNA to learn its structure and decode it to better understand protein synthesis.

Genetics Education Center - Loads of resources for a unit on genetics! From lesson plans to genetic conditions, you will find great ideas to explore this topic with your students.

Genetic Science Learning Center - This site provides a lot of great lesson ideas and information for your genetics unit! Don't miss the "How to Extract DNA from Anything" page. Also available - "A Recipe for Traits" (aka Doggie DNA) lesson plan - Challenge your students to create their own "dogs" using genetic traits!  Our 6th grade students loved this lesson!

Genetic Superheroes @ Teacher's First - Students access the Internet and locate Marvel Comic sites that give backgrounds and physical characteristics of the super-heroes. They use the information to develop a list of physical traits and characteristics and then toss two coins to simulate a genetic cross.

Genetics with Easter Eggs - A great lesson to review genetics from Access Excellence!

Gene Scene - Find this lesson on page 37of the Biodiversity Basics manual for a lesson using a human gene wheel to compare human genetic traits! The lesson also provides a follow-up activity exploring the genetic diversity of white tailed deer. - Visit the Educational Resources area of this site for lesson modules, information, and fact sheets.

Human Genetics - Join this online collaborative project to investigate human genetics with your students! The site provides ready-to-use lesson plans and worksheets for your classroom.

ORLN - Explore this website about the Human Genome Project, get a free poster, learn about genetic disorders, and view a few chromosomes with the chromosome viewer! - Click the link for the "Genetics & Adaptations" to find new lessons for your classroom!

SMILE Program - Genetics - A collection of lessons and activities for genetics and heredity!


Be sure to visit for a wealth of resources!


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