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Visit my pages for Earth Day Resources and Nature Center Lessons for more great ideas and links!
Explore ecology topics & games with your students...Visit the Ecology page of the Kid Zone!

Biodiversity Activity - Use this lesson from the Access Excellence collection to explore the topic of biodiversity with your students.

Biodiversity Basics Activity Guide - Check out this great resource from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to find lots of great activities exploring biodiversity.  

Electronic Field Trips - Explore the great webcasts and related educational resources to help you explore our national parks with your students and address concepts in your science curriculum. 

Electronic Naturalist - This site provides weekly environmental education units.  Each unit has artwork, text (K-3 and 4-8 reading levels), activities, additional web sites, plus online access to a professional naturalist to answer your students' questions.

eNature - One of my favorite sites to explore! They offer a variety of online field guides and zip guides for your area!

Envirofun - A site for kids from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency! Captain Earthworm, Captain Redbird and Captain Bluegill will show children how they can protect earth's air, land and water.

Environmental Education Links - An assortment of links to quality resources for you and your students!

Environmental Education Network - Browse this site for a wealth of links for teachers and students.

EPA for Teachers - Explore the curriculum resources for conservation, ecosystems, water, and more! Also visit the EPA Student area or the Explorer's Club.

Exploring the Environment - This site offers an assortment of activities for 5-12 students and teachers! Explore water quality, predict the future of Florida panthers, monitor the weather, and much more!

Food Webs - Students will become introduced to the creation and interpretation of food webs through this neat activity!

Food Webs - Who's Eating Who - Visit this site for a game about food webs.  The site provides all the resources you need to prepare game sets - game board, cards, food webs, etc.

Footprints in the Desert - Visit this site to learn more about this interdisciplinary program that integrates classroom research, hands-on field studies, and technology as students explore Arizona's natural environments through field experiences at a variety of local life zones. Don't miss the curriculum area!

Georgia Pacific - Educational In Nature - A series of environmental education curriculum supplements for grades 4-5 designed to foster understanding and environmental awareness in the classroom.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Browse their online materials for teachers and students.

National Wildlife Federation - Browse this site for great ideas for your students! Visit the National Wildlife Week area for lesson ideas and activities!

Particles & Prairies - Visit this site for a wealth of information related prairie habitats! From baked potato traps to a quadrat study, you will find new ideas to explore with your students.

Problem Solving in Biology - A large list of topics for environmental research projects! You are sure to find an idea to spark the interest of your students!

Project Look Smart - Check out their science and health modules that integrate media literacy and critical thinking into their learning units.  The materials are free and ready to use in your classroom!

Project WILDProject WILD Aquatic - Check out these activity guides with tons of lessons and ideas for your biology classroom!  To obtain your own guide complete with teacher directions and extention lessons, you will need to attend one of their training workshops - well worth every minute you spend!  I promise you will receive tons of great lessons and activities that you can use with your kids!

NOTE: One of my favorite lessons is called Good Buddies (pages 15-17 of the WILD book) and I use it during my Ecology unit to teach students about symbiotic relationships. Click here for the worksheet and cards I developed to go with this lesson. My presentation is also available.

Teacher's Corner Activities List - Find great lessons and activities to teach your students about global issues! You must sign up to receive a password to access the lessons, but it is free and well worth the effort!

Texas Parks & Wildlife - Teacher Tool Kit - A large collection of resources, lessons, and activity pages! Be sure to check out the animal activity pages and the kid's page!

The Imagination Factory - The Imagination Factory integrates art with science and social studies to teach recycling concepts in a fun and entertaining way. Visitors learn how to make art using easy to obtain solid waste as a source of free materials. Some of the activities include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, papier-mâché, marbling and crafts. The site features Trashasaurus Rex, a giant, solid waste sculpture, and a Trash Matcher that allows visitors to find appropriate art activities for the solid waste they have available. A new feature called the Badge Matcher helps Brownies, Girl Scouts and their leaders quickly locate art activities that help satisfy badge requirements.

The Pedosphere and Its Dynamics - A wealth of soil information is available at this site!

The Wild Ones Curriculum - Visit this site for lesson ideas for your classroom, schoolyard, and field trips!

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Educational Materials - Visit this page to connect to their Kid's Corner and educational programs as well as download posters and activities to teach your students about the importance of wildlife refuges. Don't miss the Wild Things area for distance learning opportunties for your students!

Wood Magic Show - Explore this site for lots of lesson ideas for trees!


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