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A handout of the PowerPoint presentation from the 2012 Science Update at Western Illinois University  is also available.
NOTE: Links have been updated as of 7/22/15.  Some links listed in the handout may no longer be available!

Physics Resources

Featured Sites:

EdHeads – Simple Machines & Compound Machines - Learn about simple  and compound machines using these interactive games.  Also available: Crash Science & Science Spot: Simple Machines Links

Amusement Park Physics - Explore the physics behind some of the most popular amusement park rides. 

Other Links:

Shockwave Physics –Choose an activity from their collection of 20 interactives that will allow you to manipulate variables and see the effects, such as  RGB lighting.

Nobel Prize – Physics – Choose one of the 17 online activities to learn more about physics.

Junkyard Wars Games – Build your own dragster.

Energy Quest – Explore an interactive room with links to pages with energy information. Also go to the movie room for videos.

Electro City – Manage your own virtual cities to learn about energy and environmental management.

Energyville - Explore how our decisions about energy impacts the earth. Optics – Zap some ants, save the earth, and discover how light works!

Exploratorium Online Activities – Make your own telescope, try the dot maker for music or hit a fast ball.

Little Shop of Physics – Go to the resources area and check out all the activities available for physics.

FOSS Web Activities – Magnetism, levers/pulleys, sound, solar energy, matter & energy.

Funderstanding - Experiment with the an assortment of variables to determine the best settings for the fastest coaster.

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Chemistry Resources

Featured Sites:

Toxic Mystery - Learn about toxic substances that can be found in a home.

American Chemical Society – Online games and activities exploring chemistry concepts that are sure to get your students thinking!

Alien Juice Bar - Explore acids and bases with this activity from LHS Gems. A worksheet is also available.

Other Links:

ZOOM Kitchen Chemistry – Explore the chemistry of acids and bases in a virtual kitchen.

ChemBalancer – Online activity to review balancing equations.  A worksheet is available.

Strange Matter – Investigate various objects in close detail and learn about matter.

IPPEX Online – Matter – Interactive tutorial about atoms, ions, element, molecules, and more. 

PhET Simulations – Over  20 simulations to help you learn chemistry concepts.

Paul’s Quest (Polymers) – Learn about polymers while helping Paul complete his quest.

JLab Games & Activities - Visit this website from the Jefferson Lab to explore a variety of great chemistry games and puzzles.

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Earth Science Resources

Featured Sites - Weather:

Monster Storms - Students learn about hurricanes as they analyze satellite images and storm data to predict the path and magnitude of an approaching storm. 

EdHeads – Weather - Challenges students to report the weather and develop a forecast.

Other Links:

Discovery Storm Chasers Game – Learn about tornadoes by playing this interactive game!  

Scholastic Interactive Weather Maker – Adjust temperatures and relative humidity to see how it affects the weather.

Weather Flash – Help Stan the Weatherman create weather maps that reflect his forecasts.  Also check out their other games.

Featured Sites - Plate Tectonics & More:

PhEt Simulations for Earth Science – A dozen interactive activities to help you investigate Earth Science concepts.

Ology – Earth Science & Ology – Paleontology - Learn about earth science and paleontology through their online activities and quizzes.

Other Links: Volcanoes – Combines information about volcanoes with several interactive activities and videos.

Earthquakes for Kids (USGS) – Check out their animations related to earthquakes or learn about recent quakes.

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Astronomy Resources

Featured Sites:

AstroVenture – You are challenged to search the universes to find a planet and develop it for human habitation.  NASA astronauts will teach you how to use the tools needed to complete the mission.

Planet Impact - Investigate the gravitational forces involved in a comet impact. Also check out the other Amazing Space adventures!

Other Links:

NASA Kid’s Club – Visit the homepage for the kid’s area of the NASA website to see all the games and activities that are available.

NASA Interactive Features Archive – A listing of all the interactive features available on the NASA website.

Explore the Solar System – Your navigation computer has failed so you must use the onboard tools to explore the solar system and find the way home.

Ology – Astronomy - Learn about space through these online activities and quizzes.

Smithsonian - Sizing Up The Universe – Investigate the sizes of various objects in our universe and their orbits as they compare to where you live. Also check out their other activities!


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Life Science Resources

Featured Sites - Ecology & Biology:

ARKive – Try one of their online games to learn more about biology concepts, such as Design-A-Habitat, Egg & Spawn Race, or Copse and Robbers.

A Walk in the Woods – Take a virtual stroll through the woods and explore nature.

Other Links:

Great Plant Escape – Learn about plants as you help Bud and Detective LePlant solve six cases.

Nab the Aquatic Invader – Learn about aquatic invaders around the globe.

Ology – Biodiversity – Explore biodiversity with the interactive games at this site.

Science Spot: Cells & Microscope Links - Explore the sites available on this page for great interactives exploring cells and the microscopic world.  A worksheet for an online scavenger hunt for microscopes and an activity page for electron microscopes are also available.

Secrets @ Sea – Take an online ocean adventure and help Ace solve the cases.  Check out the Teacher’s Guide for more details.

Shepherd Software – Try one of their life science games, such as animal classification, deep sea science, or life cycles

Featured Sites - Genetics:

Learn Genetics - An excellent site to explore for articles and online activities about DNA such as Build-A-DNA Molecule.

DNA from the Beginning - This site provides genetic information along with a variety of animations and problems to help reinforce student learning. - Check out all the medicine-related activities available on their website, such as Blood Typing, Pavlov’s Dogs, and DNA: The Double Helix.

Other Links:

GEEE in Genome – Explore any of the 8 games available to learn about genetics and heredity.

Bugsville – Download this game to breed ladybugs and explore the probability of spots.

Dragonfly TV Dog Breeding – This activity will challenge your knowledge of dominant and recessive traits as you attempt to breed certain types of puppies.

DNA Workshop – Explore this activity from PBS to learn about DNA replication and protein synthesis.

Ology – Genetics - Explore genetics and heredity with the interactive games at this site.

Featured Sites - Human Biology & Health:

N-Squad – Work with forensic scientists to solve a mysterious death and learn about the effects of alcohol on the human body.  Teaching materials are also available.

Reconstructors – Solve the three cases to learn about the helpful and harmful drugs.  Teaching materials are also available for each series. 

MedMyst - Learn about infectious diseases and the scientific method by exploring the mysteries available in this module.  Don’t miss the “Teachers” area!

Outbreak at Waters Edge - Investigate an outbreak and determine its source to prevent others people from getting sick.

Other Links:

Immune Attack – Download this interactive game and learn how to defend the human body against bacterial infection.

Science Pirates – Play this downloadable game to learn about science and food safety.

Aspire  - Explore this website for anti-smoking information and games.

HHMI BioInteractives - This site offers Click and Learn Interactives as well as Virtual Labs, such as the Transgenic Fly Lab.

Quest for the Code – Learn about asthma as you explore this site and complete the required tasks.  

Remission  - Download this game and learn how to help the body fighting cancer cells. – Choose from 7 different games to learn about the human body, nutrition, personal safety, and more!


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Math Resources

Shodor Interactivate - A large collection of math simulations and interactive activities for every math topic!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – One of the best resources for computer-based simulations and tutorials.

NCTM Illuminations – Another great resource for quality math games!

Labyrinth - Math-based puzzles and narrative in which students work to find their lost pet.

Academic Skill Builders - A variety of math games that can be used on a computer or with an Internet connection to a Wii.

Math Playground – Over 15 manipulatives for you to use with your students.

BBC Math Games Wheel – A collection of 12 fun math games that your students will enjoy!

Create-A-Graph – An easy-to-use online tool to make an assortment of graphs for your science labs and activities.

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