Forensic Science Links - Page 1- General Information
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General Information
Under the Microscope: Forensics
FBI Kids
FBI History - CSI 
CSI Effect
NOVA Forensics
PBS: Secrets of the Dead
HSW - Forensic Science
Forensic Blog


Famous Court Cases
Digital History - Court Cases
Landmark Cases
Famous Court Decisions Quiz
Crime & Punishment -
You Be The Judge

Career Information
Discover Criminal Justice

Cool Science Careers




Mysteries & More
CSI Web Adventures
NOVA Interactive Forensics

Cyberbee - Solve the Crime
Peetnik Mysteries
GSI: Glasgow Science Investigation
Fin, Fur, & Feather - FBI
CFAIT Mysteries

Archived Activities
ID - Interactives*
ID: Crime Scene Tour*
ID: On The Run Game*
ID: Forensics Lab Tour *
TruTV - Mystery of the Hidden Mine
TruTV - Burgled Bonuses
ID = Investigation Discovery 

Eyewitness Basics
The Art of Crime Detection
WebAdventures Online Activities
FBI Games
QUIA: Crime Scene Basics Game
Ultimate Flash Faces
FACES Videos
Test Your Memory
Test Your Memory #2
Kids Page: Picture Games
All Star Puzzles: Differences 

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Forensic Science on Quizlet!

Physical Evidence Links:
Blood & DNA
Forensic Entomology
Forensic Anthropology
Accident Reconstruction
Trace Evidence 


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