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Bald Eagle Links
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Eagle Information
American Bald Eagles
Journey North - Eagles
eNature Birds
PBS American Eagle
Aerodynamics of Animals
Eagle Facts
Enchanted Learning - Bald Eagles
Critter Corner - Bald Eagle
The Raptor Center

Eagle Cams
Bald Eagle Cam
US Stream Eagle Cam

Animal Cams
National Zoo
San Diego Zoo
Minnesota Zoo
Monterey Bay Aquarium

National Symbols
Ben's Guide: Symbols of Government
Symbolic Elements - Great Seal

Games & Quizzes
Quia - Bald Eagle Basics
Quia - Eagle Expert game
Quizlet - Vocab Challenge
Quizlet - Scatter Game
Enviro Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles - Birds
Billy Bear Eagle Puzzle
Bird Videos & Games

Nat Geo Bald Eagle Puzzle

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