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Biology: Plant & Animal Links
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All About Plants
Biology of Plants
Great Plant Escape
What is a flower?
Wild World
American Field Guide: Plants
Plants in Motion
OSU Plant Facts
Build a Tree-Ring Timeline
Fermilab Prairie Plant Database
Prairie Plants & Roots
Tree ID Sites
Tree ID Basics
The Big List

Trees Are Terrific
Tree Finder
NWF for Kids

Arbor Day Tree ID 
UP Tree ID
All About Animals
Animal Diversity Web
Animal Info (SeaWorld)
The Animal Kindom
Animal Planet
Animal Planet - Animals A to Zoo
American Field Guide: Animals
What animal is it? - Paw Prints & Scat
The Wild Habitat

Animal Fun & Games
Animal Planet Game Central
eNature Scat Quiz
Animal Guessing Game
Kratt's Creatures - Who Lives Here? - Animal Games
Ranger Rick Fun & Games
PBS Animal Fun Page - Animal Universe
A Touch of Class
Quia - Animal Classficiation
Quia - Animal World - Invertebrates
Quia - Animal World - Vertebrates


Meet the Invertebrates
Invertebrates: Animals w/o Backbones
Worm World
WhoZoo - Arthropods
UCMP - Arthropoda Info
eNature - Insects & Spiders
Kid Zone: Insect Links

ZOOM - All About Mammals
UCMP Hall of Mammals
eNature Mammals
Marine Mammals
Animal Tracks - Mammals

eNature - Fishes
Woods Hole - Fish FAQ
Fish Anatomy

Reptiles & Amphibians
eNature - Reptiles & Amphibians
UCMP - Amphibia Info
Animal Tracks - Amphibians
Online ID Key - Amphibians
Virtual Frog
Frogs at Fermilab

Virtual Frog Dissection
The Life Cycle of A Frog
Animal Tracks - Reptiles
Reptile Identification
All About Birds
ZOOM Birds
eNature Birds
Fermilab Birds
Animal Tracks - Birds - Bird Identifications
Bird Identification Markings
Waterfowl Identification
Bald Eagle Days Links
Birds & Flight

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