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Adler Planetarium Astronomy Connections - Visit the education area for lessons, resources, and other goodies to help you integrate technology into your "space program"!

Amazing Space - This site offers an assortment of lesson plans and web-based activities for astronomy along with a wealth of information for any astronomy unit.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific - Check out their newsletter, Universe in the Classroom,  for an assortment of ideas you can use!

ASU Mars Education Website - Explore this website filled with lots of resources for students and teachers realted to Mars! Visit the Resources area to download a student activity guide that allows them to conduct a student-directed investigation of Mars as scientists in the real world do.

At-Home Astronomy - A great collection of lessons and activities to explore the universe!

Celestia Educational Activities - Explore this space simulation program for the PC that lets you and/or your students interactively experience our universe. An assortment of activities are availble.

CERES Project - Master teachers, university faculty, and NASA researchers have created a series of web-based astronomy lessons for this project. From the life cycle of stars to Mars Quest, you are sure to find new activities to spice up your astronomy unit.

Exploring Planets in the Classroom - More than 25 hands-on science activities are provided in classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.

Imagine the Universe - A collection of lessons integrating math, chemistry, and other subjects for 6-12 students. Visit the Teacher's Corner page for more resources!

LIVE from Mars 2001 - Passport to Knowledge - The new Passport to Knowledge module - Live From Mars 2001 is available at this site. Take the time to visit the site to learn more about the TV programs and lesson ideas for this project.

Math-Science Learning Coalition - Astronomy Lessons - This site offers a wide range of astronomy lessons for elementary, middle school, and high school.

Make a Comet - Make your own comet with the kids using the instructions at this website!  Always one of the favorite labs of the year for our sixth grade students!  Check out the other resouces at the NOAO website! - Teacher Resources - Scroll down the page to find many ready-to-use worksheets and lab ideas for astronomy as well as many other science concepts.

NASA Spacelink - Use this website to start your search of the NASA collection of educational materials, such as classroom lessons, online activities, and multimedia resources.

Paper Plate Education - Visit the Activities area for over 30 lesson ideas using paper plates to teach concepts in astronomy!

PBS Seeing in the Dark - Check out the large amount of activities they provide to teach basic astronomy concepts in your classroom.

Proteacher - Space - An assortment of earth science lesson plans and links for elementary teachers. - Click the link for the "Solar System & Space Travel" or "Cycles in Space" to find new lessons for your classroom!

Science Teaching Ideas - Astronomy - A great site filled with lots of activites for your astronomy unit.

SEGway - An assortment of web-based activities for astronomy! To see all they have to offer visit the Lesson List page!

Space Place - A great site from NASA to explore with your students. Don't miss the Goodies for Teachers area for printables and lesson worksheets. - Take a few moments to browse this site for ready-to-use lesson ideas organized for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

Teacher's Domain - Earth & Space Science - This is an excellent site for multimedia resources for your science curriculum!  

Windows to the Universe - Explore this interdisciplinary web site on the Earth and space sciences! Visit the Tools area for a student workbook, table of contents, and other features! Don't miss the Lesson Plan area for great ideas, such as Lunar Lollipops and Sun-Earth Flipbooks.

ZOOM Astronomy - Explore this site for lots of great info about the solar system as well as inteactive quizzes and activities. Don't miss the Classroom Activities section!


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